Furever Gallery

Over the years I have gotten the opportunity to paint portraits of some very special friends. This gallery shares the portraits and stories of our furever friends and family.


12"x12" Oil on Canvas (2017)

Meet Murphy the French Bulldog. He is a sun worshiper, yoga fanatic, and really stinks at playing fetch. He is an amateur cancer sniffing dog and makes it awkward for female guests when he is checking for breast cancer. His snorts just means he loves you, and his farts can clear a room. Murphy’s favorite toy is a purple stuffed lamb named Lamby that he seems to have not destroyed. He makes a project of destroying any toy he gets but not Lamby. Lamby is special. He is a fantastic big brother to his two-legged siblings and protects them from scary things like the doorbell and weird noises.

"Bella A."

12"x12" Acrylic on Canvas (2020)

Bella is a chihuahua/dachshund mix making her a ChiWinnie! The 2018 holiday season has a special meaning to Bella's family. She was adopted in December that year from the Neiman Marcus windows adoption drive in The Galleria, Houston, TX. She was an owner surrender and was looking for her new home. As soon as her humans spotted her and ask to meet her, the connection was instant! As if they had met before. She was super sweet and grateful to have been chosen! After several weeks of continued training and tender loving care, Bella became a blessing in their lives! She is super sweet & athletic! She loves to race to the couch or to one of their beds to be next to one of her humans and request attention. She is assertive about wanting to be petted, and she is not shy to nudge you with her little paw when you stop to continue. Her favorite treat is cheese. As soon as she hears the bag opening, she is the first in line waiting for her treat! Her family is so glad they found Bella.


8"x10" Oil on Canvas (2020)

Wolverinee was born in San Antonio Texas about 5 years ago and loved people right away. As a kitten he introduced himself to his human by jumping on her head. He is never shy when people come to visit, he is the first one to run up to them. Sometimes he's a little too comfortable and will playful jump on their backs too. His favorite toy is a white cotton lamb that he sometimes drags into bed with him. His cuddles are something his human always look forward to after a long day.


11"x14" Oil on Canvas (2018)

Siren was an intrepid Standard Poodle. She traveled the world visiting three countries and lived in seven states. In the vein of Charlie, the most famous of the blue poodles from Steinbeck's Travels with Charlie, Siren was the best travel partner. Unlike Charlie, she managed to get smuggled into Canada and back without her paperwork!

Siren loved people and was a friend to all she met. Her favorite person was her Father, Stephen. It was love at first sight, and often Siren's mother wondered if Stephen just stuck around for Siren.

While living in Azerbaijan, Siren became an ambassador for all dogs, helping convert many dog haters into lovers. She became the unofficial mascot of her parents' running club and could be found sneaking beer and French fries behind everyone's back. This was so prolific she finally started working behind the bar at her parent's favorite pub.

Siren lived to a grand old age of fifteen and a half. She will be forever loved and cherished by her family as a once-in-a-lifetime dog.


16"x20" Acrylic on Canvas (2018)

Scylla was found at five weeks old in a trash heap on the side of the road in Baku, Azerbaijan. She ran up to her soon-to-be parents' poodle and tried to nurse on her. The poodle was displeased by this, but Scylla was a determined little thing and followed her new sister for the remainder of a two-mile walk in 95°F heat. Not wanting to abandon her in the middle of nowhere, her parents decided to adopt her.

She was so happy when she first entered a home. Finally, a place that was comfortable and had plenty of food and water. It was so lovely; her parents would have to drag her outside to go to the bathroom because she never wanted to leave.

Scylla was a hard thing to tame, as she came from generations of street dogs. Once she was finally trained, she has become the most beautiful dog. Once she moved to the US, she discovered the joy of hunting small animals. She is a prolific hunter, and victims' souls can be seen around her in the painting.

She is a wonderful doggie big sister to Karson, her human brother. Each day she waits for him to return from school to smother him in kisses and find out about his day.

"Bella Rodriguez"

12"x12" Oil on Canvas (2017)

Bella was born in Baytown, TX in March 2013. She was born a little different because she was missing her tail. When she was 6 months old she found her forever home and was a gift for her human after experiencing a life-changing surgery. She took care of her human with a lot of love. When she was almost 2 years old she was attacked by a large dog and it took her 1 year and 3 surgeries to recuperate. It was a long year but her human took care of her with the same love that Bella had given her. She is a strong little dog. After that she graduated as a service dog (Emotional Support Animal, ESA) and for some time she worked for The Caring Angels Home Health giving emotional support to elderly people. She loved her job! She and her human live in Webster, TX and are inseparable. She loves walks along the bay, scrambled eggs and of course chicken breasts with steamed veggies. She enjoys kisses and belly rubs. From her human: "She is my everything".